pseudotypes, phenon and collections

Thomas Schlemmermeyer termites at USP.BR
Fri Mar 6 10:54:36 CST 1998

        Hi! My name is Thomas. I'm a student of taxonomy and entomology.
        A few weeks ago I asked what a metatype is. Now I know it.
        It's a termite that was compared by A.E. Emerson with the

        But Mayr writes that there are still more pseudotypes! Is there
        any compilation of the most important pseudotypes in modern

        Then someone asked what a Phenon is (I think it was Andreas).
        A phenon, sensu E. Mayr, is somewhat similar to the modern
        morpho-type. It is what one collects in the field, phenons may
        differ from one another due to sex, race, caste and so on.
        This is different from the use that Andreas suggested.

        E. Mayr suggests that collections should freely exchange holotypes
        by shipping, as losses are expected to be low.
        This guideline, today, is still valid? If so, I only know
        extremely rigid, closed collections.
        Are there any modern guide lines for collection policies in
        entomological collections?

                cheers   Thomas

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