photographs as vouchers, drawings, descriptions

Sally Shelton sshelton at SDNHM.ORG
Mon Mar 9 09:04:56 CST 1998

The following questions were sent to me by an associate and supporter of the

museum here, who is preparing a talk on the history of scientific collecting

and collerctoras. I would appreciate any comments you may have, as well.

Please reply directly to me (unless the list is interested). I can answer

some of her questions for some fields, but would like to get answers across

the systematics spectrum. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!

Cheers, Sally Shelton

>Are photographs sometimes accepted now as vouchers? Under what conditions?


>When a specimen is rare and endangered, is it still collected? Or is that

>when a photo might be allowed? I


>Is there a universally accepted standard for not causing further damage to

>a population or species? If not, is there one within your museum?


>Do you know under what conditions a painting was accepted as a type during

>early expeditions? I looked up Fritillaria biflora on MOBOT's TROPICOS. It

>appears the type is a drawing done during Sesse & Mocino's expedition in



>What about descriptions from the early expeditions when there wasn't a

>surviving collection? Were species named based on descriptions only?


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