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Reptiles! Lecture Series

San Diego Natural History Museum

Reptiles of Baja California

with L. Lee Grismer, Ph.D.

Dr. Grismer, professor of biology at La Sierra University in Riverside, will

discuss amphibians and reptiles of Baja California and the Sea of Cortez,

including Pacific treefrogs, whiptail lizards, alligator lizards, gopher

snakes, legless lizards, rattlesnakes, geckos and iguanas. Dr. Grismer will

also discuss many aspects of the natural history of Baja California and the

islands in the Sea of Cortez.

Thursday, March 12, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Members, Seniors 60 and over, Full-Time Students, Children 6-17: $6

Nonmembers: $8.

Class Code: P8-350-07

Decline of the Coast Horned Lizard in Coastal Southern California: Causative

Factors and Prognosis for the Species

with Bill Haas

Bill Haas will discuss factors affecting the dramatic decline of Phrynosoma

coronatum blainvillii, the coast horned lizard, along the coastal slope of

Southern California. He'll focus on habitat utilization of the coast horned

lizard in San Diego County and the many factors which have brought about the

dramatic decline in this reptile genus, possibly the best known and most

popular group of lizards in the United States.

Tuesday, April 21, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Members, Seniors 60 and over, Full-Time Students, Children 6-17: $6

Nonmembers: $8.

Class Code: P8-350-08

Snakes: The Evolution of Mystery in Nature

Lecture and Booksigning with Harry Greene, Ph.D.

Join Dr. Greene for a presentation about some of nature's most alluring and

forbidding creatures. He'll discuss the diversity, evolution, and

conservation of a variety of snakes - including blindsnakes, boas, cobras,

seasnakes and vipers -and make a personal statement as to why he feels these

animals are so compelling.

Thursday, May 14, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Members, Seniors 60 and over, Full-Time Students, Children 6-17: $6

Nonmembers: $8.

Class Code: P8-350-09


Members, Seniors 60 and over, Full-Time Students,Children 6-17: $15

Nonmembers: $20

Lecture sell-outs are always a possibility. Don't take a chance -- purchase

in advance!

For more registration information, please call us at (619) 232-3821, x 203.

You can also use our online registration form at

<<>, or print out the form

and FAX it to us at (619) 235-9446.

The mailing address is

Education Department

San Diego Natural History Museum

P. O. Box 1390

San Diego, CA   92112


First Annual Symposium and Banquet In Honor of the Scientific Contributions

of Laurence M. Klauber

May 15, 1998

8:00 a.m.--4:00 p.m.

San Diego Natural History Museum

The San Diego Natural History Museum announces a symposium on the history

and status of herpetological research in California and Baja California, in

honor of the scientific contributions of Laurence M. Klauber, to be held at

the Museum on 15 May 1998, 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M.

Topics will include

collections and collecting in the region

history of herpetological research in the region

biology and systematics

conservation of regional herpetofauna

evolution of the herpetofauna of California and Baja California.

A banquet lunch on the day of the symposium will feature Philip Klauber and

Harry Greene as keynote speakers, focusing on the career and  scientific

contributions of Laurence Klauber.

Related Activities

Harry Greene, Ph.D., will be giving a lecture at the museum on Thursday, May

14, at 7 p.m., followed by a signing of his new book, Snakes: The Evolution

of Mystery in Nature. As a symposium registrant, you can purchase a ticket

for this event in advance at the museum members' price. If you wish to do

this, please indicate this and include the ticket price with your

registration. The ticket will be held for you on-site.

A reception will follow the symposium on May 15,  featuring our spring

exhibit, Reptiles!

On Saturday, May 16, the museum will host a public awareness and information

day on reptile-related topics, including snakebite, laws and permits, ethics

of collecting, problems with the pet trade and with the establishment of

exotics, and conservation of regional herpetofauna. Your symposium

registration receipt will admit you to this free of charge.

Format for Abstracts

The presentation of original research, both on-going and completed, is

encouraged.  Students, faculty, and naturalists are invited to submit


All abstracts must be submitted electronically via email using the following



 Authors (for multi-authored papers asterisk speaker)

 Address, Phone, FAX, and e-mail

 Abstract (500 words or less)

Send to Bradford Hollingsworth <<bholling at>

Deadline for Abstract Submission

April 1, 1998

Collections Access

The SDNHM herpetology collection will be accessible off-site for visits, use

and loans on Thursday, May 14, and on Saturday afternoon, May 16, as well as

all day Sunday. (Types and osteology specimens will be available on-site.)

Please contact Sally Shelton <<sshelton at> to arrange visits, use or

specimen loans. The collection will be closed during the symposium itself.


General registration is $25, with a banquet lunch provided for an extra

$20.00. Banquet tickets must be purchased in advance, no later than May 1.

If you wish to purchase lunch but have special dietary preferences or

restrictions, please indicate this. Students with a copy of valid

identification may register for $12.50. If you wish to purchase an advance

ticket for Harry Greene's lecture for $6, your ticket(s) will be held in

your name on-site. On-site registration will be $30, and lunch cannot be

purchased at that time.

Please copy or circulate this notice as appropriate.

Note: you can register for the symposium through the SDNHM web site. Check

it out at <<>


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