Postdoctoral Fellow - Mol. Syst. of Legumes

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Thu Mar 12 08:40:34 CST 1998

POST-DOCTORAL FELLOW:  Molecular Systematics of Legumes

The Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research, including the Australian
National Herbarium, is a collaborative research centre formed between CSIRO
Plant Industry and the Australian National Botanic Garden, Environment
Australia.  The Centre's research program covers a wide range of activities
aimed at documenting, classifying and conserving Australia's flora.

To promote these aims, we are now offering the following position:


CSIRO Plant Industry are seeking a highly motivated Post Doctoral Fellow to
work on a project aimed at resolving taxonomic problems in selected groups
of legumes (Fabales) through the use of molecular systematics.  The person
will have a relevant PhD and proven research achievements in molecular

The duties will involve the following:

He/she will employ a variety of molecular techniques including DNA
sequencing for phylogeny reconstruction and/or AFLPs for species level work
in legumes.  Familiarity with relatively new molecular cytogenetic
techniques, FISH and GISH, for use in the study of the origin of polyploids
is highly desirable.

He/she will produce molecule-based evaluations of species and generic
relationships in selected groups of legumes and will compare molecular
results with morphology in order to place the molecular phylogeny in a
morphological context.

He/she will have developed a good understanding of modern methods of
phylogenetic systematics and have experience with standard molecular
laboratory techniques, particularly DNA amplification and sequencing.
Experience with traditional systematic techniques for analysing taxonomic
variation, including morphology, cytology, and anatomy are highly desirable,
as are effective oral and written communication skills.

Applicants for the position are encouraged to obtain further information by
contacting Dr Randall Bayer 61 + (02) 6246 5514 or email r.bayer at
As a first step, applicants are advised to obtain the Selection Criteria and
Duty Statement, which can be obtained by contacting Catherine McSkimming 61+
(02) 6246 5042 or fax (06) 246 5000, or email recruit at   Visit
our web site at:

Applications should include a curriculum vita with academic record, a
statement of your current study program and research interests, details of
your experience, skills and qualifications and the names and address of two
referees, at least one of whom should be able to comment on your University

Address your application for the position by quoting Reference No PG:98022,.
Please mark 'Confidential' and forward to: The Personnel Section, CSIRO
Plant Industry, GPO Box 1600, Canberra ACT  2601 by 6 April 1998.
Dr. Randall J. Bayer,
Senior Research Systematist,
CSIRO - Plant Industry,
Molecular Systematics Lab,
Australian National Herbarium,
GPO Box 1600, Canberra, ACT, 2601

home page:
email: r.bayer at
Alternate email: 72113.2244 at
office phone: (61) 2-6246-5514
fax: (61) 2-6246-5249
home phone: (61) 2-6258-6293

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