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>        Hello, in time before the weekend I received the three
>        volumes of Leon Croizat's Panbiogeography.
>        As I, for myself, have to live in time and space as well, I
>        wonder whether there are any references, reviews wich make
>        possible a rather selective and dynamic reading of Croizat's
>        work.
>        Are there any recent reviews, publications on the dispersionalist/
>        vicariance debate?
>                        cheers   Thomas

well, actually it is plenty of references about Croizat's work. I myself
wrote a little paper (to be published in April on the Philippine
Scientist). In any case, here is a partial list of ref.:

Ball, I. R., 1976. Nature and Formulation of Biogeographical Hypotheses.
Systematic Zoology 24: 407-430;
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Biology Forum 81: 589-611;
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Response to R. M. McDowell. Systematic Zoology 28: 99-107;
Craw, R. C., 1982. Phylogenetics, Areas, Geology and the Biogeography of
Croizat: A Radical View. Systematic Zoology 31: 304-316;
Craw, R. C., 1983. Panbiogeography and Vicariance Cladistics: Are They
Truly Different? Systematic Zoology 32: 431-438;
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In  Myers A. A. And P. S. Giller, Analytical Biogeography. Chapman And
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=EDa") de
las Americas. [Review] Systematic Zoology 26: 449-452. Reprinted (1979 with
a Spanish Translation) In Bulet=EDn de la Academia de Ciencias F=EDsicas,
Matem=E1ticas y Naturales (Caracas) 37: 65-71 (Spanish, 57-63);
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Panbiogeography. Systematic Zoology 36: 1-17;
Rosen, D. E., 1978. Vicariant Patterns and Historical Explanation in
Biogeography. Systematic Zoology 27: 159-188;


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