New Journal Launched

Abdul Ghafoor Ali Nawaz nawaz at KACST.EDU.SA
Sun Mar 1 08:46:16 CST 1998

Dear taxacomers,

This is to inform all the colleagues that a new journal named " Pakistan
Journal of Biological Sciences" a quarterly publication bearing ISSN
1028-8880 has been launched. In this first South Asian Scientific Journl
which is available on
internet, research and review articles relating to all disciplines of
Sciences will be published. The first issue is out and can be read by visiting
the website

The e-mail address of the new Journal is   = pjbs at

Dr S. Sarwar Alam of the Nuclear Institute for Agriculture and Biology,
P.O.Box 128, Faisalabad, Pakistan is the Editor. E-mail address of Dr S.
Sarwar Alam  is  = ssalam at

The regional editors are:

Abdul Ghafoor, Scientific Research Specialist, Institute of Natural Resources
               and Environmental Studies, King Abdulaziz City for Science and
               Technology, P. O. Box 6086, Riyadh-11537, Saudi Arabia

M. R. Nelson, Department of Plant Pathology, College of Agricultue,
              Tuscon, Arizona, USA

R. N. Strange, Department of Biology, University College, London WCIE 6BT

M. A. Elwakil, Department of Plant Pathology, Faculty of Agriculture,
               Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

M. Vurro       Instituto Tossine e Micotossine da Parassiti Vegetali Viale
                Einaudi 5I Bari 70125, Italy

Publish, Publish and Publish your scientific investigations at US $ 30.00
per article a demand draft of which should be sent in favour of "Pakistan
Journal of Biological Sciences"

Abdul Ghafoor
Scientific Research Specialist,
P. O. Box 68721, Riyadh-11537,
Saudi Arabia

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