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Mark O'Brien mfobrien at UMICH.EDU
Tue Mar 3 11:27:25 CST 1998

Botanical Treasures
(originally named MacBotanica)

This collection of botanical clip art in TIFF format was originally
assembled  back in 1994-1995 to become a commercial Mac and Windows
package.  With the advent of inexpensive scanners and cheap CD-ROM
compilations of clip-art, I realized that it just was not worth the time
and effort for me to distribute it commercially as an Entomation product.
The files have sat on my disk now for three years, and it's about time that
I made them available to everyone for free.   I think this clip art
collection will be useful and of interest to anyone in plant/crop science,
weed control, horticulture, botany, and the natural sciences.

The images are all in tiff format, meaning that they are editable 300 dpi
bitmaps and can be opened by any word processor or image-processing
program.   The package is freeware, and is freely distributable by any
service, so long as the original archive is not broken into smaller units.

If you like the images and find them useful, drop me an e-mail message at
mfobrien at    The image archive is available  at:
The compressed files take up about 3 megabytes of hard disk space, and
about 10 mb uncompressed.
Sorry, but I'm not at all interested in making a separate archive for
Wintel users, although the files themselves are platform-independent.
If you find the files useful, consider making a donation to the Univ. of
Michigan Museum of Zoology Endowment Fund.


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