second URL for clip art

Mark O'Brien mfobrien at UMICH.EDU
Tue Mar 3 11:54:47 CST 1998

 Updated URL for:
Botanical Treasures
(originally named MacBotanica)

This collection of botanical clip art in TIFF format was originally
assembled  back in 1994-1995....

If you like the images and find them useful, drop me an e-mail message at
mfobrien at    The image archive is available  at: or (faster server)

I added the second URL, now that I realize the slower web server is getting
hit pretty heavily for the 4 mb file!!

The compressed files take up about 3 megabytes of hard disk space, and
about 10 mb uncompressed.

Sorry, but I'm not at all interested in making a separate archive for
Wintel users, although the files themselves are platform-independent.
If you find the files useful, consider making a donation to the Univ. of
Michigan Museum of Zoology Endowment Fund.


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