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Botanical Institute
University of Copenhagen

Professorship in Mycology at the Botanical Institute
Department of Mycology and Phycology

At the Botanical Institute, Department of Mycology and Phycology, a
position as full professor is open to appointment from October 1,

Taxonomic and systematic research are priorities for the Department
where morphological as well as genetic and biochemical characters are
used in fungal systematic and phylogenetic studies. A well-equipped
laboratory for molecular and biochemical research is located within
the Botanical Institute.

Botanical Institute seeks to augment ongoing research based on
molecular and biochemical techniques. Applicants who use both
morphological and molecular approaches to study taxonomy, population
biology, ecology or biogeography of filamentous fungi will be
preferred. The successful candidate should have an interest in
collaborative research with the present departmental staff now working
on diverse fungal groups. Preference will be given to applicants whose
background includes co-operative projects and broad research
experience involving different scientific laboratories.

The position is a permanent position with research and teaching
duties. The tasks are research and teaching within the field of
mycology. The research tasks include the applicant's own scientific
work, research management and encouragement of the scientific
development of the subject, tutorials and education of research
fellows, including tutorials/supervision of assistant professors and
assessment work. In addition to this the professor must teach, prepare
and participate in exams and attend to other tasks according to the
further decision of the institution. Foreign applicants are expected
to teach in Danish after two years.

By appointment to the professorship decisive importance will be
attached to the applicant's degree of documented scientific production
at an international level including the contribution to further
development of the subject area, just as importance is attached to the
assessment of the applicant's conduct of research management and any
other management functions and teaching qualifications. With reference
to the present Ministerial Circular on Job Structure.

Terms of appointment and payment according to the agreement between
the Ministry of Finance and AC (The Danish Confederation of
Professional Associations) on Academics in the State, Executive Salary
Scale, level 37 presently of DKK 33,131.77 per month. In addition to
this, the University is prepared to grant an annual increment of DKK
39,242.93 per 1 April 1997.

The Application must be in English and include:

 =B7 A curriculum vitae.
 =B7 A complete list of publications with indication of which papers the
   applicant considers particularly relevant.
 =B7 Three copies of each of the selected papers considered particularly
   relevant together with relevant co-author declarations.
 =B7 Documentation for teaching experience and other qualifications.

It should be noted that:

 =B7 The composition of the assessment committee will be available to the
 =B7 The assessment committee may require supplementary documentation,
    which the applicant must then provide.
 =B7 The assessment committee may summon the applicants for interview and
   request applicants to give a trial lecture.
 =B7 A list of applicants and the full report of the assessment committee
   will be sent to all applicants.
 =B7 The list of applicants and the assessment committee's report is
   confidential as far as information about fellow applicants
   is concerned.

It should also be noted that if the applicants want their publications
and other material returned by mail, it would be sent C.O.D.


For further information about the vacant position enquiries can be
made to Head of Botanical Institute, Ole Seberg, Gothersgade 140,
DK-1123 Copenhagen K, Denmark, tel. +45 35 32 21 53, fax: +45 33 13 91
04 and oles at

The application marked 5206-P/18-98 must be formally addressed to the
Rector of the University of Copenhagen. The original application (with
appendices but without the selected papers) must be sent to the
Faculty of Science, Oster Voldgade 3, DK-1350 Copenhagen K. Three
copies of the application with all appendices (including the selected
papers) must be sent to the Botanical Institute, Oster Farimagsgade
2D, DK-1353 Copenhagen K, Denmark.

Deadline for applications May 18, 1998 at 12.00 a.m.

=A6  Ole Seberg, Director                          =A6
=A6  Botanical Laboratory, Botanical Institute     =A6
=A6  University of Copenhagen                      =A6
=A6  Gothersgade 140, DK-1123 Copenhagen K         =A6
=A6  Denmark                                       =A6
=A6  Phone (voice): + 45 35 32 21 53               =A6
=A6  Fax: + 45 33 13 91 04                         =A6
=A6                         =A6

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