Loochoo Island and Captain Beechey's Voyage

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At 10:33 AM 05-01-98 +0100, Olivier De Clerck wrote:

>Can somebody help me out. I'm looking for a geographical locality
>called 'Loochoo Island'. It is the type locality of Dictyota
>spinulosa (an unusual algal species), described by W.H. Harvey in
>Hooker & Arnott, The Botany of Beechey's Voyage (1838: 275). I have a
>feeling Loochoo should be situated somewhere near north of Taiwan,
>southern Japan, but I can't find any indication in an atlas. Did it
>change name?

This is an old transliteration for the Ryukyu Islands, which stretch between
Japan and Taiwan and include Okinawa.

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