Miniacina miniacea

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Dear Taxacomers,  here is some information about

Miniacina miniacea (Pallas) Galloway 1933  (RHIZOPODA, FORAMINEFERA)

BASIONYM: Millepora miniacea Pallas 1766 (Elenchus zoophytorum)
TYPE: ?  (Pallas's collections have not been located)
DISTRIBUTION & COLLECTIONS: Aegean (pers. observ., material in GB),
Adriatic (Riedl 1963, p. 95, as M. miniacia (L.); Fauna und Flora der
Adria) , ? Bahamas (on Lithothamnion mesomorphum f. ornatum Foslie & Howe,
Under rock overhang, low littoral, collected on the Cave Cays, Exuma Chain,
Bahamas by M. A. Howe, Feb. 19, 1905, material in TRH).
COMMENTS:  the species is said to be known from Eocene to Recent, living in
warm, shallow water around coral reefs, rarely down to 1000 fathoms; no
geographical distribution precised; the colony varies from
red to pink and white.

Many thanks to Paul Dessart (dessart at for sending this
information (apologies that I use botanical nomenclature). Further comments
would be appreciated.


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