James P. Bennett jpbennett at MACC.WISC.EDU
Mon May 4 08:24:18 CDT 1998

It was interesting to see this question on taxacom. I ordered the T. Toolbox
about 6 months ago after it appeared in Ledlie's catalog, but I still
haven't received it. I emailed Ledlie and she emailed back that it has been
delayed again. So how can anyone be using it yet if it still isn't
available? Does anyone know what the delay is and how much longer it will
I also asked about getting it on CD, but Ledlie said it will be on floppies.
I hope the authors are reading this because it would be better to have it on
a CD.
Readers should also realize that no database is perfect, and there are
problems with the Kartesz database that warrant caution when using it.

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