Paris Types??

Elizabeth Arias ejariastobar at UCDAVIS.EDU
Thu May 7 15:32:48 CDT 1998

I am working on revising the endemic Chilean genus -Deromecus- for my PhD
thesis.  Most of the important species were described by Solier and
=46leutiaux and the types are at the Paris Museum.  As a student, I am
somewhat constrained by time and money.  I really need to see some of the
types , but  I have been not able to get them from the Paris museum despite
repeated letters and Faxs.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how  to get materials loaned from the=

Its is really fair for such a large & important collection to keep their
material (Chilean material) so tightly & prevent  progress in systematics
from occuring in a timely fashion?

Elizabeth Arias

Elizabeth T. Arias
c/o Bohart Museum of Entomology
University of California, Davis
Davis CA 95616
=46ax/voice:  (530)752-9464
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