Paris Types??

Robin Leech robinl at NAIT.AB.CA
Fri May 8 17:04:36 CDT 1998

I believe that Australia and New Zealand also want types from the
respective countries deposited in museums in those countries.  And, I
believe that they are pressuring for types collected over the years to be
redesposited in the home country.

Way back in the 50s or 60s, someone in the USNM put pressure on the then
head of the then Entomology Research Institute in Ottawa to "please give all
holotypes from US localities to us!"  George Holland, the then head of
the ERI, said something like, "Sure, fine.  And we want all holotypes
from Canadian localities turned over to ERI and/or the Can. National
Museum."  The matter was quietly dropped.

No matter, it is rare that students are ever able to borrow types from
any museum.  Oftent he way around this is for the student's thesis
supervisor to do the borrowing.  In all cases, it is much nicer for the
student to visit the museum with the types.  Sure it takes time, and it
costs a bit of money, but, just think of all the fun meeting important
personages, and the connections that will be made.  These will be
invaluable to the student if he or she remains active in the subject area.

Robin Leech

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