Paris Types??

Ami Scheltema ascheltema at WHOI.EDU
Tue May 12 09:53:07 CDT 1998

          Dear taxacomers,

          An additional thread on deposition of type material:

          Types of organisms from the deep sea or continental shelves
          are deposited in the museums of the countries that have
          covered the expenses of the expeditions recovering the
          species. Thus, the museum at Monaco has many types of
          species collected during the many expeditions funded by
          Prince Albert I, and types from the collections made by the
          Centre de Tri d'Oceanographie Biiologique go to the Paris
          Museum. Likewise, collections made under (US) National
          Science Foundation funding go to the US National Museum,
          those by CSIRO funded cruises go to whatever Australian
          Museum was responsible for the cruise, and those by British
          and Russian expeditions go to the Britsh Museum and
          St.Petersburg or Moscow Museums, respectively.  And so on.

          Amelie Scheltema
          Woods Hole Oceanographique Institution
          Woods Hole, MA 02543
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