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Michal Brzeski mbrzeski at LINUX.INWARZ.SKIERNIEWICE.PL
Tue May 12 23:57:47 CDT 1998

With old vaguely described species, where types are not existing, one could
select neotype from type locality. But what to do if the type locality
indication is, say, Brazil only? Moreover, if the description of what was
considered species at that time is sufficient to recognize family only today,
then actually the interpretation of neotype is what counts and what is bounded
with the specific epithet. But this neotype may be, and probably sometimes
(how often??) is, far from what an old author really had in hand. And in this
place I would like to hear opinions of  colleagues working with various groups
of plants and animals what is better - to declare an old unrecognizable
species as species inquirenda or to  save the old name not caring too much if
this is really what was originally  covered by that name.

Best regards to all,
Michal W. Brzeski

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