Tue May 12 15:25:37 CDT 1998

On 12 May Robin Leech wrote to me:

"--there is definitely
no certainty that a specimen collected in the type locality is
conspecific with a particular holotype.  I could collect half a dozen or
more specimens of the same genus (e.g., Pardosa, fam. Lycosidae) of
spiders in a type locality, NONE of which would be the same species. "

To clarify my intent -

          I specifically suggested that a topotype should not
          be considered without direct comparison to the
          holotype.  A topotype would differ from an ordinary
          series collected subsequent to the original description
          *because* it had been subjected to that comparison;  if a
          topotype were designated it should require formal
          justification by detailed description and comparison to
          holotype.  Since topotypes are not regulated, perhaps some
          formalization of the usage in the Code would be needed.

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