Thomas Schlemmermeyer termites at USP.BR
Wed May 13 13:27:26 CDT 1998

maybe sorry for posting this to a hypermailed list, as I'm a relative
newcomer in the art of typing. Besides, my machine is not able to read
the doc-attachment from our french fellow. I would prefer attachments
in the format "txt".

but: One of the aims of the ICZN is to avoid confusion and
misunderstanding. the more different kinds of types we use, the bigger
the danger of running into an endless complicated field of pseudotypes.

So, my question: if the originally designated holotype is not very good
due to ambiguities, decay or incompleteness (representing sexes, stages,
castes and so on) will it be allowed to design simply a neotype?
(thus avoiding confusion of creating epitypes)

As today, usually, attention is given to deposit the type in the country
of origin, the process of neotyping will continously reduce as well the
needs to spend money in travelling by the type-investigators.
The locally collected neotypes could be deposited together with large
series thus allowing as well shipping of the material which was collected
together with the holotype.


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