Thomas Schlemmermeyer termites at USP.BR
Thu May 14 14:28:59 CDT 1998

Dear Robin and dear all,

to clarify my intent:

We are living in an increasingly globalized society which
follows more and more global standards of padronization.
Even countries, formerly considered as being part of the
thrid world, now increasingly define rules and standards
for practically every product.

One of those minimum standards you find in every product,
let them be hair shampoo, computer, butter or cars, are
dates of validity.
My car was constructed for a total life time of 240 000 km (official
information by VW), my computer will get service only the next five years,
my butter will start to smell in 14 days, my shampoo will start to decay
in april 2000.

Now, I wonder whether it would make any sense to put such
expiring dates on biological types as well.

Sorry for expressing myself rather complicated, but english is not
my native language.


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