Retrining types

Rod Seppelt rod_sep at ANTDIV.GOV.AU
Fri May 15 08:23:28 CDT 1998

Thomas Schlemmermer wrote:
...Now, I wonder whether it would make any sense to put such
expiring dates on biological types as well.

In a slightly underhand way this does, in part, happens now.  But not by
retiring the name.,  With repeated examination of types by a succession of
researchers over many years, some Types have basically "disappeared" by
being used up.  Others get lost, destroyed in catastrophes, etc.

BI think that at least in my life time I would not like to have to witness
the free for all that could develop in selecting new types to replace old,
or to have to handle the nomenclatural confusion.  Leave that to another
generation (bless and pity them)!!
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