Retrining types

Sat May 16 08:06:23 CDT 1998

Sorry, here I got confused!

>           them among museums.  And for full color photos, with lots of
>           detail.  For existing species this might best be done before
>           holotype disappears.

 1.) What is the life time of a modern color photo?
   indefinite with digital electronic images.

 2.) Do color photos really show lots of details?
          never as good as being to examine an actual specimen partly
          because the photographer may not include details that are of
          interest to future workers.  But better than nothing, if you
          can't go on a museum tour, and a continuing record in case
          type disappears.  Sometimes a good augmentation to a
          scientific drawing, which may
          be inaccurate due to subjective interpretations by
          illustrator or even by the scientists..

 But, maybe, in birds it is different. As birds are larger.
          Not necessarily better - I just suggest that photos are a
          supplement to actual specimens.

          Sylvia Hope

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