Which text book for plant systematic course?

Robin Leech robinl at NAIT.AB.CA
Wed May 20 07:41:00 CDT 1998

Another taxonomic botany textbook that you might try is this:

Porter, C.L.  1967 (or any update?).  Taxonomy of flowering plants.  W.H.
Freeman & Co., San Francisco.

I have not taught taxonomic botany for about 4 years, so I do not know if
this book is still in print.  A quick check in a bookstore for books in
print should solve this quickly.

Hope this helps.

Robin Leech

On Wed, 20 May 1998, Matt Buys wrote:

> For years we have prescribed Jones & Luchsinger for our systematics
> course.  I have just heard that they are out of print.  Any
> suggestion(s) as to a replacement would be appreciated.  Feel free to
> mail me directly at plbmhb at puknet.puk.ac.za
> Thanking you all in anticipation.
> M.
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