Spinach and Request

Sun May 24 08:57:02 CDT 1998

240598/0800Lcl  From RJSRSTEX at aol.com  To: TAXACOM at CMSA.BERKELEY.EDU  Sub=
j:=0ASpinach and Request:  The original question concerning Popeye and Sp=
inacia=0Aoleracea (Chenopodiaceae) (Jones and Luchsinger 1979, Woodland 1=
991) has=0Aobscured the significant impact of a relatively minor figure. =
 As Oliver Stone=0Amight have noted: The question may not be one of =93Wh=
at is the significance of=0Aspinach?=94 but rather one of =93What is the =
significant article overlooked in the=0Ahaste to observe the ingestion of=
 spinach by a nautical hero?=94  It is=0Asuggested consideration be given=
 a food publicized to only a minor degree by=0APopeye et al.  Primitively=
 known as Civis bubulensis or Municepensis poplitis,=0Ait was firmly entr=
enched into the International Foodstuffs Code by Popeye=92s=0Afriend Wimp=
y.  Thus Hamb=FArgerum w=EDmpyi, known worldwide today as Hamburgerum=0Ap=
ulchellum americanum, is a species much-evolved from those of the White=
=0ACastle and Wimpy hamburger stores of late 1930=92s Chicago (63rd Stree=
t, just=0AEast of Halsted).  Obviously the inate wisdom of Depression Bab=
y children saw=0Athrough the spinach smoke screen and brought to a high o=
rder the institution=0Aknown worldwide as the hamburger as well as the fo=
od species Canus calidus=0A(var nudatus found at ballparks) and its illus=
trious ssp insula-coneyii.=0AConsider: there are no spinach stands or Oli=
ve Oyl bars today, but the=0Aselection pressure of the humble Hamb=FArger=
um w=EDmpyi on food species evolution=0A(e.g. pizza) as well as that of t=
he little animal, the Jeep, on WWII and=0Apresent-day transportation need=
s must give us pause even as, Orwellianly,=0AVeggieburgers are pushed.  C=
learly one should be wary of absolute carnivore=0Alumper or veggie splitt=
er positions, but rather=97like most taxonomists=97be=0Awilling to invest=
igate, share information, and consider other positions as=0Aoffered by th=
e evolution of the hamburger from the primitive bun-and-meat-only=0Aform =
of the primitive Hamb=FArgerum w=EDmpyi to its elaborate present-day omni=
=09After all of the above, a humble request.  A quote from a message rece=
ntly=0Asent to a collegue: =93You are right about my interest in cell mea=
surements.  I=0Ahad (have) a program that works with an Amiga.  As you ca=
n imagine, however,=0Athe program is primitive when compared to software =
available for newer=0Asystems.  About four years ago, I saw a lovely prog=
ram written for MacIntosh=0Acomputers... freeware, I think, developed for=
 National Institute of Health=0Aresearchers.  I don't know if I can find =
the source or not, but there should=0Abe plenty of people who could help.=
  Your friend might have access to=0A'TAXACOM'  -- an electronic bulletin=
 board for systematists.  It would be a=0Agood place to send a message.=
=94  Request: does anybody know of software=0A(preferably freeware!) avai=
lable for Mac use with cell measurement work?  My=0Athanks to all for you=
r patience and good senses of humor.  RJ Sr.  Key Words:=0Abeef: bubula (=
caro); burgher: municeps, civis; Ham: poplis (-itis).

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