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Abdul Ghafoor Ali Nawaz nawaz at KACST.EDU.SA
Mon May 25 08:43:06 CDT 1998

Dear Taxacomers,

In 1775, Forsskal described from Yemen Hibiscus flavo-ferrugineus which was
transferred to Pavonia by Hepper & Wood in 1983 as Pavonia flavo-ferruginea
(Forsskal) Hepper & Wood.

Lebretomia glechmaefolia was described by Richard in 1847 from Ethipia and
was transferred to Pavonia by Garcke in 1867 - as Pavonia glechmaefolia
(Rich.)Garcke. They are all conspecific but based on different types. My
question is that under ICBN which would be acceptable correct name in Pavonia.

Pavonia glechmaefolia (Rich)Garcke (1867)


Pavonia flavo-ferruginea (Forsskal) Hepper & Wood.(1983)

I personally think that correct combination is that of Hepper & Wood but one
of my colleagues wants to adopt Garcke's in his work.

Abdul Ghafoor
Scientific Research Specialist,

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