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Abdul Ghafoor wrote:

>In 1775, Forsskal described from Yemen Hibiscus flavo-ferrugineus which
>transferred to Pavonia by Hepper & Wood in 1983 as Pavonia
flavo-ferruginea (Forsskal) Hepper & Wood.
>Lebretomia glechmaefolia was described by Richard in 1847 from Ethipia a=
was =

>transferred to Pavonia by Garcke in 1867 - as Pavonia glechmaefolia
>(Rich.)Garcke. They are all conspecific but based on different types. My=

question is
>that under ICBN which would be acceptable correct name in Pavonia.
>Pavonia glechmaefolia (Rich)Garcke (1867)
>Pavonia flavo-ferruginea (Forsskal) Hepper & Wood.(1983)
>I personally think that correct combination is that of Hepper & Wood but=

one of my
>colleagues wants to adopt Garcke's in his work.

Of course, Abdul Ghafoor is correct (assuming Hibiscus flavo-ferrugineus =
a legitimate name validly published in 1775 by Forsskal).

The relevant article of the ICBN is Art. 11.4:

"For any taxon below the rank of genus, the correct name is the combinati=
of the final epithet of the earliest legitimate name of the taxon in the
same rank, with the correct name of the genus or species to which it is
assigned ....."

The adoption of Pavonia glechmaefolia, presumably the earliest COMBINATIO=
applicable to the species under the generic name Pavonia, reflects what w=
known as "the Kew Rule", abandoned since the adoption of the Vienna Code =
1905.  For a comparison of how different Codes (e.g. the ICBN & the ICZN)=

deal with priority of epithets on transfer to another generic name, see:
     McNeill, J.  1997.  Key issues to be addressed.  In: D.L.  Hawkswort=
(ed.),  The new bionomenclature: the BioCode debate.  Biology Internation=
Special Issue 34: 17-40.

[If "Biology International" is not readily available to anyone interested=
it is the journal of the International Union of Biological Sciences
(iubs at

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