Tom DiBenedetto tdib at UMICH.EDU
Wed May 27 10:36:34 CDT 1998

 Thomas G. Lammers wrote:

>BE IT RESOLVED that for the convenience of all, we collectively AGREE that
>the very first decade of the very first century of the very first millenium
>of the Christian Era got shorted, and was only 9 years long.

Ah revisionism! :)
As I understand things, the beginning of the twentieth century was widely accepted to be 1/1/01, so the decade and
century which will be shortchanged is our own.
I wonder why there is such a fascination with the changing numbers rather than the actual time span. Is it a function of
having a few generations of automobile riders who get excited when the odometer turns over at 100,000 etc?
I think it is also the Y2K problem which will focus everyones attention on the wrong date. Oh well, another victory of
superficial image over substance.
Personally i think the only rational attitude is to have two parties.

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