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Dear Taxacomers,

I'm writing a half-satrical commentary on methods of promoting
biodiversity in the management of lawns, and in order to describe
conventional lawn care in North America I need to form a word meaning
'giving-rise-to-boredom' on the model of 'ontogenetic.' I have little
Latin and less Greek, but I searched an on-line Greek lexicon, and, as
I anticipated, found that classical Greek authors didn't have much time
or many synonyms for boredom. But I did find the word 'alus.'  I'm not
sure how to form the English word from this: alosgenetic? alusogenetic?
Can somebody with a larger classical component in their education help
me? Is there a Latin root that would produce a word closer to an
existing English word?

Frederick W. Schueler
Frederick W. Schueler, Aleta Karstad, Jennifer Helene Schueler.
Bishops Mills, Grenville Co, Ontario, on the Smiths Falls Limestone
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"Finding a lift took us a long time.  Hitch-hiking in Norway and Sweden
is notoriously difficult... The standard of living there is so high that
anybody without a car is assumed to be a suspicious character. In former
ages people worshiped God; now they worship money, and anybody who lacks
it is a dangerous heretic. He stands in danger of hell-fire, unless he
buckles down to it and gets himself two cars and a swimming-pool. I love
money myself, but when I am standing by the road begging for a lift no
one can tell that I am a repentant sinner, who would be happy to become a
respectable, money-fearing citizen if there were some way of being saved
that did not bore me intolerably."  R.P. Lister, 1965. The Hard Way to
Haparanda.  p 189. (Harcourt Brace & World, New York. 256 pp.)

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