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Olivier De Clerck Olivier.Declerck at RUG.AC.BE
Sat May 2 13:35:51 CDT 1998

Dear all,

first of all I would like to thank all of you who responded
(immediately) to my previous question. Loochoo Island, is an old name
for the Ryukyu Retto. And the Expedition of Captain Beechey, only
visited Okinawa, the main Island of the Archipel.

Following the immense success, I'll give it another go. This time I'm
looking for Harlem Land, which should be somewhere in Australia. The
name occurs on specimens collected by P=E9ron who was the botanist on
the G=E9ographe under command of Baudin.

Looking forward hearing from you.

Olivier De Clerck.

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