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Part 4 of HORTAX NEWS was published on 29th April 1998 and is available
free of charge to all persons and institutions interested in, or
involved with, the taxonomy and nomenclature of cultivated plants.

Amongst the items included in this part is; a discussion of use of the
term "culton" as a word to mark the special attributes of taxonomic
groups of domesticated plants; a note on the use of colour charts; a
note on transliteration of cutivar epithets from Japanese to Roman
script and a summary of various proposals to amend the 1995
International Code of Nomenclature of Cultivated Plants.

This part also includes an announcement on the formation of the
International Association for Cultivated Plant Taxonomy (IACPT).

If you or any of your colleagues wish to receive a copy, please reply to
this e-mail address with your name and full postal details.

Please feel free to forward this to anyone you care to.

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Piers Trehane
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