Paris Types??

Jacques Melot melot at ITN.IS
Fri May 8 22:57:10 CDT 1998

=A0Le 8/05/98, =E0 22:08 +0000, nous recevions de Nicolas Bailly :

>Hi all,
>Please, we are today here in France on a holiday (commemorating 8 May
>1945), so nobody can answer you from MNHN (except me as you can read ;-).
>I am somewhat surprised by the Elizabeth Arias's message, but she can se=
>a message to Loic Matile (lmatile at or Thierry Bourgooin
>(bourgoin at, they work both in entomology lab. Maybe the first
>request was not too much argumented, or did not come from a known lab or
>else ? Retry, I think there will be a solution.

   Que ce soit le cas ou non, la moindre des politesses est de r=E9pondre.
Existe-t-il une notion de laboratoire bona fide pour vous=A0?

Jacques Melot, Reykjav=EDk
melot at

>About photos on the web, we have recently bought a video system for that
>and it is under testing, so wait some time before we can provide such
>The MNHN collection are open to all, but as Barry said, we have to take
>some warranties.
>For the french Post Service, it is good, thank you.
>I understand very well the problems for non european countries to study
>old material stored in european museums, and believe or not, but we do o=
>best to make easier collaborations, sending material and welcoming forei=
>We were in great discussions the two last months to improve the financia=
>support and thus, the use of our collections.
>Best regards.
>Nicolas Bailly
>Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle
>Laboratoire d'Ichtyologie Generale et Appliquee
>43, rue Cuvier, 75231 Paris Cedex 05, France
>Tel: (33) 1 40 79 37 63  / Sec. 49   Fax: (33) 1 40 79 37 71
>E-mail: bailly at
>Look at the MNHN server         

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