valido ateh/haltbar bis/to consume before

Thomas Schlemmermeyer termites at USP.BR
Tue May 12 13:55:53 CDT 1998


another problem regarding types are the half-time rates.

Let's say, for example, I have a termite here in my lovely rain forest
reserve, I know exactly what species it is, as everyone knows what species
it is, as there is supposedly no way to confund it with another species.

BUT: The original description of the species is quite poor. The type was
deposited in the Berlin Museum in 1893. Actually no one here in Sao Paulo
ever tried to see the type, as far as I know. And even if so, the type is
in alcohol, which must have introduced over the decades color changes,
shrinking and so on.
I don't have any idea! Maybe the type was even lost during world war 2.

So I may ask: A type really has to be an eternal, sacred thing? or would
it be more useful to adapt types to modern industrial DINs or ISOs or
norms and simply put a date of validity on it?

So far my rather weird suggestions, but maybe someone wants to comment?


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