new names for already described taxon

Jacques Melot melot at ITN.IS
Wed May 13 10:52:28 CDT 1998

=A0Le 5/13/98, =E0 10:55 AM +0000, nous recevions de METZING DETLEV :

>In a small botanical journal I found several new names for taxa of
>Cactaceae. In some cases these new species names were used for taxa,
>which were already described as varieties of other species. But the
>author did not make a new combination, eg. he transferred Planta
>mirabilis var. neglecta L. to Planta neglecta (L.) Miller, but he
>choosed a new name (e.g. Planta viridis) although the former variety
>is listed as basionym.
>Is this a correct way in the sense of the ICBN?

   C'est autoris=E9 : en aucun cas un nom n'a priorit=E9 en dehors de son=
(Art. 11.2).

Jacques Melot, Reykjavik
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>I know, that a nomen
>novum may be choosed, when a transfer from one species to another
>genus would result in an illegitime name, but may a nomen novum also
>used for the example mentioned above?
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