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At 10:45 AM 05-13-98 MET-1METDST, METZING DETLEV wrote:
>The ICBN allows the subsequent typification by designating a lecto-
>or neotype. Is it allowed to typify a a name (not typified before) by
>choosing a specimen, which is already a type of another name?

Yes.  Syst. Bot. 13: 498 (1988).  The only sheet of original material of
Cyanea arborescens H. Mann (1867) that could be located was the holotype of
Clermontia mannii H. St. John (1983), making those two names homotypic.
It's not ideal, but there was no alternative.  In this case, nomenclatural
stability was preserved, as the species had long been called Clermontia
arborescens (H. Mann) Hillebr. (1888), and as soon as C. mannii was
described, it was realized that it was conspecific.

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