Workshop on Taxonomic Authority Files

Stan Blum sblum at FALCON.CC.UKANS.EDU
Thu May 14 16:49:08 CDT 1998

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WHEN:           June 22-23, 1998

WHERE:          Raddison-Barcelo Hotel
                2121 P St., NW
                Washington, D.C.


    Premise:    The compilation, maintenance, and dissemination of taxonomic
                authority files has much in common with the enterprise of
                authority control as conceived and practiced in the library
                cataloging and information retrieval communities.  The
                purpose of this workshop is to provide a forum in which
                members of the systematics and library communities can
                describe their respective domains, and identify the
                concepts, practices, and technologies that could be shared
                to promote consistency in the cataloging, indexing, and
                retrieval of biological information.

  Format and
     Agenda:    The two-day workshop will consist of formal
                presentations by 21 invited speakers, questions for
                speakers, and opportunities for general discussion at the
                end of each session.

   Sessions:      I  Examples Of Taxonomic Authority Compilation Projects
                 II  A Framework For Authority Control: From Shared
                     Vocabularies To The Cooperative Cataloging Of Common
                     Data Objects
                III  Authorities, Gazetteers, and Thesauri
                 IV  Data Structures For Taxonomic Names, Classifications,
                     And Thesauri
                  V  Technologies For Accessing And Replicating Authority

                See full agenda:  <>

Dissemination:  The proceedings will be recorded on audio tape.
                Presentations, summaries of discussion, and recommendations
                will be published electronically.

REGISTRATION:   SPACE IS LIMITED, so registration is required.
                (Approximately 35 spaces are still available.)  To register,
                send e-mail to the organizer (below).  There is no
                registration fee.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Rooms have been reserved at the Radisson-Barcelo Hotel (near
                Dupont Circle, Washington, DC) under a special group rate of
                $120/night.  If you would like to take advantage of this
                discount contact the organizer (below), NOT the hotel,
                BEFORE MAY 20, 1998.

ORGANIZER:      Stan Blum, Natural History Museum, University of Kansas,
                Lawrence, KS.   <sblum at>

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