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>Tom, I got a new server last week and I can not post to taxacom from this
>new account. If you would be so kind as to 1- post my spinach note and 2-
>remind me how to subscribe again to taxacom?>>
>>Dear fellow Taxacomers:
>>Spinach is good for you. It adds roughage to your gut, its iron and other
>>minerals is readily taken up by the organism, other nutrient values make it
>>desirable. It is still highly recommended in diets requiring enriched intake
>>of Calcium, iron, folic acid and some vitamins.
>>Popeye was designed for reasons of economy during World War II. Spinach is
>>to grow, it grows fast, its nutritive and takes a lot of boiling, mashing
>>and canning. In times of scarcity, it helps one to feel like "something in
>>actually hanging to your ribs". For its nutritional value, easy preparation,
>>etc. it was deemed worthy of a campaign to promote its consumption. For the
>>benefit of children, the strong and funny Popeye and peripheral personae
>>like Olive, and the baby of unknown parentage, came into existence.
>>Take it from an avid spinach eater.
>>Luis Diego Gomez
>>Academia Nacional de Ciencias, Costa Rica
>>Director, Estacion Las Cruces & Wilson Botanic Garden
>>Organization for Tropical Studies, Inc.
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>>Luis D. Gomez, Org. Trop. Studies
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