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At 10:36 AM 05-27-98 -0500, Tom DiBenedetto wrote:

>As I understand things, the beginning of the twentieth century was widely
accepted to be 1/1/01

No, this problem crops up every 100 years.  There were plenty of
"nit-pickers" (to quote somebody else [so I don't get yelled at]) in 1899, too.

>I wonder why there is such a fascination with the changing numbers rather
than the actual time span. Is it a function of  having a few generations of
automobile riders who get excited when the odometer turns over at 100,000 etc?

No.  At the last millenium, Europe went really bonkers, figuring the Second
Coming was nigh.  Big spate of church building.  It's human nature to look
for milestones, however artificial.

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