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Wed May 27 21:17:11 CDT 1998

Pardon the cross-posting, but ....

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Sender:       Entomology Discussion List <ENTOMO-L at LISTSERV.UOGUELPH.CA>
From:         Julie Harvey <J.Harvey at MAILSERVER.NHM.AC.UK>
Subject:      New mailing list for Entomology Librarians / Information workers.

I would be grateful if you would forward this message to any Entomology
Librarians or Information workers who you think may be interested in joining
the new mailing list outlined below.

Dear  Librarian / Information Specialist
I am very pleased to announce that the Entomology Library at the Natural
History Museum, London has launched a new mailing list.  This service is the
first initiative of the Entomology Library Information Network (ELIN). This
service aims to encourage greater international communication and discussion
between librarians and other information workers who have a professional
interest in Entomology.

I would like to invite you to join this mailing list and  I hope that you
will find it very useful.
When you join please send a message introducing yourself and giving some
brief notes about your library or information centre.
The success of this list will depend on individuals contributing to it.  We
encourage members of the list to send queries, requests for help, details
about library projects, notes on interesting visits or meetings etc.
Instructions for joining are below. Please do contact me if you have any

How do I subscribe?
To be added to the ELIN list send an e-mail to majordomo at with the
following message:
Subscribe elin-list

How do I unsubscribe?
To remove your address send an e-mail to majordomo at with the message:
Unsubscribe elin-list

How do I post a message?
To post a message to all members of the ELIN mailing list, send your e-mail to:
elin-list at

Julie Harvey
Entomology Librarian
The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD
Tel. 0171 938 8949
Fax. 0171 938 9290
Email: j.harvey at

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