Taxonomic Toolbox, anyone?

Harvey E. Ballard, Jr. ballardh at OAK.CATS.OHIOU.EDU
Sat May 2 08:32:32 CDT 1998

Dear Folks:
Phil Cantino, Gar Rothwell and I are inquiring about the utility and
"user-friendliness" of the Taxonomic Toolbox package of three computer
modules that comprises Kartecz et al.'s "Digital Floristic Synthesis of
North America", recently advertised by Patricia Ledlie Bookseller.  It
looks to be potentially valuable for a broad range of floristic/systematic
purposes; but the three-module package sells for $495--a substantial
financial investment.

Does anyone have direct personal experience with this?  What is your
opinion about its worth versus the price tag?  We have the money to
purchase it for student and faculty use, but we want evidence that it will
indeed be useful and usable before throwing money at it.

Harvey Ballard

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