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Dear Taxacomers,

I appreciate any comments to the following taxonomic question:

Kudo (1925) published many new names for plants in the Table showing their d
istribution in Yezo, Japan,  without description, basionym nor direct refere
nce to their place of valid publication.

For the new combination, he just cited the authors validly published the bas
ionym in parenthesis as usual author citation, for example:

Filipendula ciliata (Koidz.) Kudo
Sanguisorba japonensis (Makino) Kudo

Can these new combinations be regarded as validly published with indirect re
ferences of previously and effectively published description or diagnosis de
fined in ICBN Tokyo Code Art. 32.5?

Kudo, Y. 1925.  The vegetation of Yezo.  Japanese Journal of Botany 2: 209-262.


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