Bioblitz in Philadelphia

Gary Rosenberg rosenberg at ACNATSCI.ORG
Fri May 22 13:21:55 CDT 1998

The Academy of Natural Sciences and the Fairmount Park Commission are
running a Bioblitz in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, June 12-13, 1998 (noon
to noon). The object, as with the similar Bioblitz held by the Carnegie
Museum in Pittsburgh, is to see how many species we can observe or collect
in a large city park with diverse habitats in 24 hours. This is a means of
dramatizing to the public the amount of biological diversity even in urban
areas. During Bioblitz we will sort samples to morphospecies, to the degree
possible. Following the event, we will try to identify as many organisms to
species level as possible.

We would like to find specialists who can help with collecting and
identifying spiders, millipedes, centipedes, isopods, ticks, mites,
earthworms, flatworms and nematodes. We can provide lodging for any
specialist who is able to help during Bioblitz.

Please contact me if you can provide help in the field or can provide
identifications of these taxa (or of insects other than orthopteroids,
lepidopterans or dipterans), in return for part of the samples identified.

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