Lizard phylogeny

Dr. Nigel Barker barker at RHOBOT.RU.AC.ZA
Mon May 25 09:48:39 CDT 1998

Hi Taxacomers

One of my students is trying to track down a paper by W. Presch on
the phylogeny of the lizards ("A re-evaluation of lizard family
relationships"). She got the citation from a book (sorry, I cannot
provide the name) where Presch's paper is cited as 1982, in press,
submitted to Syst. Zool.

She tells me that she has gone through 1982 and 1983 Syst. Zool.'s
looking for this reference and cannot find it.

I would appreciate hearing from anybody who knows of this work to
provide me with the reference, or an email address for Presch. Please
reply to my personal email address.



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