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Teuvo Ahti ahti at CC.HELSINKI.FI
Mon May 25 14:40:37 CDT 1998

Concerning Ghafoor's question on two plant names I want to comment upon
the spelling of the epithets. I guess that the first epithet is actually
glechomaefolia (not 'glechmaefolia')? The spelling apparently needs
correcting in light of ICBN Art. 60.8 - but how? From Rec. 60G one would
mechanically change it into glechomifolia. However, Glechoma is a Greek
word with genitive glechomatis. Should we then spell glechomatifolia??
As to the second epithet, flavo-ferruginea, its spelling should read
flavoferruginea (without hyphen) according to Art. 60.9 Ex. 13 (though
many authors seem to overlook it!).
Ted Ahti
Univ. Helsinki

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