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At 08:43 AM 05-25-98 +0300, Abdul Ghafoor Ali Nawaz wrote:
>In 1775, Forsskal described from Yemen Hibiscus flavo-ferrugineus which was
>transferred to Pavonia by Hepper & Wood in 1983 as Pavonia flavo-ferruginea
>(Forsskal) Hepper & Wood.
>Lebretomia glechmaefolia was described by Richard in 1847 from Ethipia and
>was transferred to Pavonia by Garcke in 1867 - as Pavonia glechmaefolia
>(Rich.)Garcke. They are all conspecific but based on different types. My
>question is that under ICBN which would be acceptable correct name in Pavonia.
>Pavonia glechmaefolia (Rich)Garcke (1867)
>Pavonia flavo-ferruginea (Forsskal) Hepper & Wood.(1983)

Based on the info provided, Forsskal's name has priority in species rank.
Assuming there is no impediment, i.e., an earlier use of the comb. Pavonia
flavo-ferruginea, based on a different type.

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