Aquatic plant clean up techniques

Mary Barkworth stipoid at CC.USU.EDU
Tue May 26 13:47:40 CDT 1998

I just collected some Zannichellia and have it soaking in fresh, clean tap
water to get rid of some of the mud and animals that came with it.  Can
anyone advise me on the most effective method of persuading the animals to
drop dead so that the material we keep in the herbarium is only plant
material?  I have tried a little alcohol and so far the leaches are still
alive.  I can add more alcohol, but perhaps there is a better route?  My
thanks in advance for any advice people have to offer.  Mary
Mary Barkworth, Intermountain Herbarium
Department of Biology, Utah State University,
Logan, Utah 84322-5305
Voice: 435-797-1584 FAX: 435-797-1575

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