The new Zoological Code and the Biocode

Francis Dov Por dovpor at NETVISION.NET.IL
Wed May 27 19:20:59 CDT 1998

Dear Taxacomers,

Speaking of the date set for the start of the BioCode, I want to comment =
that as far as Zoology is concerned, the ICZN is now outting out the 4th =
edition of the Code of Zoological Nomenclature. This will be publicly =
presented and commented  in  August 2000 at the New (XVIIIth) =
International Congress of Zoology in Athens. If the BioCode will be up =
to discussion there, its eventual advantages will be discussed too. =
There is no hurry in unifying the codes  if there is no guarantee that =
valuable and specific information will not be lost.
Dov Por

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