Juan Jose Morrone jjm at HP.FCIENCIAS.UNAM.MX
Fri May 29 09:42:27 CDT 1998

On Thu, 28 May 1998, MANMEET SINGH wrote:

> One aspect of BioCode is rather strange. We are attempting to formulate a
> unified Code but still want to retain special provisions for special
> groups, as for example Tautonyms would not be acceptable only for plants.
> Are, we not again to the square one? What real difference does it
> incorporate from existing diverse Code. Biocode in present form seems to
> be essay on different Codes, with no unified approach in sight. Nothing
> would be achieved unless we have uniform provisions for all groups of
> organisms, not retroactive, but atleast operative from the date the
> BioCode becomes operative. The Draft BioCode (1997) does not give that
> assurance.
> Manmeet Singh
I agree with you that only uniform provisions are necessary. Special
provisions for some groups will make the Code useless.

Juan J. Morrone

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