An inordinate fondness for abbreviation

Barry M. OConnor bmoc at UMICH.EDU
Thu Oct 15 14:08:35 CDT 1998

At 9:36 PM +0400 10/15/1998, Alexey V. Kuprijanov wrote:
>Dear Colleagues,
>Three ideas concerning the subject came to my mind.
>1. Once I was told by a friend of mine that among tardigradologists
>(haven't I introduced a neologism?) there is a set of codified
>two- or three-letter generic names' abbreviations.

This has also been standard among Culicidologists (?).  The Journal of
Medical Entomologists requires papers on mosquitoes to use the 2-letter
generic abbreviations which are standard in this group, e.g. An. =
Anopheles, Ae. = Aedes, even if only one generic name appears in a paper.

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