Copyright and latin descriptions

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I have feeling that thanks to copyright law are all new names are protect=
and cannot be used at any  paper oc check-list and  not only in any
publication but cannot be used at any determenation label without written
permisiion for each specimen from publisher....



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>At 08:42 AM 10-14-98 -0400, Susan Farmer  wrote:
>>How are the formal publications of a taxon name with accompanying
>>descriptions handled under copyright law?  For instance, what if I
>>post the description  to the fictious "Rosa alba" to a mailing list
>>on roses.  What about if I publish or distribute a compilation of named
>>Rosa species with their original descriptions?
>I would assume that they are no different than any other verbage that mi=
>be created.  Most taxon descriptions in recent times are published in a
>journal or book to which *someone* (author, commercial publisher, or
>professional society) holds copyright in toto.    You could not reprint =
>descriptions (or anything else) published there without the copyright
>holder's permission.   I doubt that most such copyright holders would
>permission for reasonable purposes.
>Of course, most of the original descriptions for the world's species are
>probably in public domain now, the copyrights on the articles containing
>them having long since run out.   Linnaeus, at the very least, would see=
>be in the clear.
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