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Julian Humphries wrote:
> Several important notes.  Today most scientific publications
> are copyrighted by societies or publishers, not authors.  I
> would be very surprised if any copyright inquiry, to say,
> Academic Press, wasn't routinely returned with a form
> requiring payment.
> Second, despite the obviousness to us of what the
> copyright law says, the principal of fair use (thats how
> we are able to use the content of copyrighted works in
> other contexts), has evolved over the years and is being
> slowly eroded.   I wouldn't bank on previous interpretations
> by anybody but an IP lawyer.
> Third, the whole ballgame is about to change.

* One approach is for authors to inisit that the copyright notice in a
book or other publication explicitly covers traditional scholarly "fair
use," as we did in our last book, because, even though the publisher
wasn't a predatory sort, and the book was copyright in our name, the
traditional copyright notiuce is so restrictive as to make a publication
literally unciteable.

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