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Associate Professor

Uppsala University, Sweden   (ref. No. 5946/98)

Uppsala University invites applications for a faculty position as Senior
Lecturer/Associate Professor of systematic zoology to begin in the spring
of 1999. The successful candidate will be expected to develop a strong
research program in systematic zoology including supervision of graduate
students. Teaching responsibilities include courses in systematics,
comparative morphology, biodiversity and evolutionary biology.

Systematic zoology is a new department at Uppsala University and will for=
part of the Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC) which is currently being
built. The centre will integrate research, teaching and museum activities
within evolutionary biology, from molecular biology and genetics to
ecology, systematics and environmental protection. The new buildings will
provide excellent facilities both for molecular and morphological work.
Uppsala University currently has several strong programs in disciplines
related to systematic zoology, such as systematic botany and molecular

The successful candidate should have a Ph.D. or equivalent with
postdoctoral experience, an active research program and a commitment to
excellence in teaching. Research and teaching qualifications are equally

The application should be written in English and include the following:
1. CV and publication list, indicating the 10 most important publications
(3 copies).
2. A short account of scientific, teaching and administrative experience =
3. Signed and duly witnessed copies of relevant documents (3 copies)
4. The 10 publications indicated under point 1 (2 copies)

Applicants are advised to obtain further information on how to present
their teaching skills and experience from Anita Ljungstr=F6m, fax +46 18 =
19 99, e-mail Anita.Ljungstrom at

In line with the Faculty's commitment to achieve a more balanced sex rati=
women are especially invited to apply

The application should be sent to Uppsala University, Registrars Office,
Box 256, SE-751 05  Uppsala, Sweden, to arrive there no later than Octobe=
26, 1998. Faxed applications (fax no. +46 18 471 20 00) must be followed =
a mailed copy carrying a hand-written signature in ink.

For further information, please contact professor Fredrik Ronquist, phone
+46 18 471 26 47, e-mail Fredrik.Ronquist at

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